Medicine, Oncology, and Veterinary Clinical Pathology

Our research is aimed towards companion animal health and disease within medicine, clinical nutrition, oncology and veterinary clinical pathology. The CPH University Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory activities across animal species are an integral part of the section research activities.

Our research is focused on development of assays for predictive biomarkers and molecular imaging within our research areas. A joint research area is the inter-dependency between inflammation, hemostasis and metabolism as part of the innate immune response.


Head of Section:

Professor Charlotte Reinhard Bjørnvad

Dyrlægevej 16
1870 Frederiksberg C +45 353 32864

Group members

Name Title Phone E-mail
Anne Kirstine Havnsøe Krogh Teaching Associate Professor +4535330942 E-mail
Anne Marie Fog Sandal Teaching Assistant Professor +4535333943 E-mail
Anne Sofie Gravgaard Veterinarian   E-mail
Armina Babovic Laboratory Technician +4535328155 E-mail
Asger Lundorff Jensen Professor +4535332940 E-mail
Betina Børresen Associate Professor - Promotion Programme   E-mail
Betina Posgaard Senior Veterinarian +4535337707 E-mail
Birgitte Klitgaard Laboratory Technician +4535336173 E-mail
Bolette Winnerskjold Gjaldbæk PhD Fellow +4535329317 E-mail
Caroline Marcussen Associate Professor +4535330953 E-mail
Charlotte Reinhard Bjørnvad Professor +4535332864 E-mail
Constantinos Kyriacou Veterinarian   E-mail
Ditte Erika Leth Vasby PhD Fellow +4535331774 E-mail
Emilie Strange Wismann PhD Fellow +4535335190 E-mail
Erik Olesen External Consultant   E-mail
Freja Kragh Jørgensen PhD Fellow +4535331890
Frida Susanna Moberg Teaching Assistant Professor +4535336976 E-mail
Hannah Bødtger Simonsen Student FU   E-mail
Helene Brøgger Nielsen Veterinarian +4535333131 E-mail
Ida Nordang Kieler Veterinarian +4593565223 E-mail
Janne Graarup-Hansen Lyngby Assistant Professor +4535330923 E-mail
Kathrine Stenberg Jensen Senior Veterinarian +4521288706 E-mail
Lisbeth Rem Jessen Associate Professor +4535330952 E-mail
Lise Nikolic Nielsen Associate Professor   E-mail
Louise Bochsen Biomedical Laboratory Scientist +4535329907 E-mail
Louise Françoise Martin Guest Researcher   E-mail
Maja Louise Arendt Associate Professor +4535336130 E-mail
Mark Majcherek Laboratory Technician Trainee   E-mail
Marta Skovløkke Helt Veterinary Nurse +4535325756 E-mail
Mette Hedelund Rasmussen Veterinary Nurse   E-mail
Mette Louise Halck PhD Fellow +4535323206 E-mail
Mette Lybek Rueløkke Senior Veterinarian   E-mail
Mette Schjærff Teaching Associate Professor +4535332930 E-mail
Monica Nielsen PhD Student   E-mail
Nana Hee Dupont Assistant Professor +4535328263 E-mail
Nanna Bak-Jacobsen Resident +4535332786 E-mail
Nina Friis Skriver Biomedical Laboratory Scientist +4535336883 E-mail
Pernille Holst Teaching Assistant Professor   E-mail
Rebecca Langhorn Associate Professor +4535332952 E-mail
Regitze Andersen Teaching Assistant Professor +4535330857 E-mail
Rikke Eske Sindby Laboratory Technician Trainee +4535333416 E-mail
Signe Emilie Cremer Guest Researcher   E-mail
Stamatis Alan Tahas Guest Researcher +4535330789 E-mail
Tina Møller Sørensen Associate Professor +4523649496 E-mail