Medicine and Surgery

The section for Medicine and Surgery is concerned with basic as well as application oriented research within medical and surgical ailments and the health of large production animals, i.e. horses, cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, and to a smaller extent exotic animals species.

We train veterinary students to examine, diagnose treat, and prevent diseases of large production animals, just as we have close contact to practicing veterinarians and animal owners.


Understanding disease processes

The research of the section is centered on understanding disease processes, including inflammation, and the effect these have on the welfare and health of the animals.

Photo of veterinarian with horse

We also work with objective measurement methods to identify animal diseases, such as lameness. In addition, we focus on diseases caused by intensive animal production and as a consequence of physical training of the animals. 

Furthermore, we work with hygiene principles and protection against infection between animals and humans (zoonosis), with the intent of minimizing antibiotic usage and development of antibiotic resistance as part of our research efforts.

Finally we conduct research concerning the use of traditional animal models, i.e. research regarding animals with diseases, which are also found in people, and where the trans-disciplinary research can contribute to the knowledge and understanding of diseases in humans.



Dialog with veterinarians and animal owners

The section for Medicine and Surgery collaborates closely with practicing veterinarians across the country, who will often refer an animal to receive further evaluation at the University Hospital. Furthermore, we have close contact to animal owners in relation to the animals being admitted to the University Hospital.



The section for Medicine and Surgery provides teaching for the veterinary students from their 3rd year of studies until they graduate. Teaching is a very large part of our job, and we have both theoretical teaching, such as lectures, seminars, written assignments, and advising for the students, as well as practical teaching.

The practical part of the education primarily takes place at the University Hospital in Tåstrup, where cattle, horses, sheep, goats, and pigs are included in the teachings. In addition, we have external teaching activities in herds around the country.

Furthermore, we also have E-based learning modules, as well as so-called “skills laboratories” where the students can practice procedures on animated animal models.


Group members

Name Title Phone E-mail
Camilla Schultz Section Secretary +4593509435 E-mail
Caroline Harriet Eggert Eggertsen Trainee   E-mail
Charlotte Hopster-Iversen Associate Professor   E-mail
Ditte Marie Top Adler Associate Professor +4535320690 E-mail
Gabriel Cuevas Ramos Associate Professor +4535332860 E-mail
Helena Carstensen Assistant Professor   E-mail
Henrik Hjul Møller External, Ph.d Student +4535324075 E-mail
Julie Fjeldborg Associate Professor +4535332872 E-mail
Jörg Matthias Dehn Enemark Affiliate Professor +4530367007 E-mail
Karolina Marianna Kalka Resident +4535334131 E-mail
Katrine Toft Nielsen PhD Fellow   E-mail
Kirstin Dahl-Pedersen Assistant Professor +4527217399 E-mail
Laura Emilie Lillelund Eriksen Attendant FU +4535324619 E-mail
Lene Bregnholt Larsen Research Consultant +4535325217 E-mail
Lise Charlotte Berg Associate Professor +4535332601 E-mail
Maria Rhod Laboratory Technician +4535332835 E-mail
Mette Bisgaard Petersen Assistant Professor   E-mail
Mélodie Jil Schneider PhD Fellow +4535327658 E-mail
Nanett Kvist Qas Younan Guest Researcher +4535327013 E-mail
Nynne Capion Associate Professor +4535332843 E-mail
Regitze Renee Pedersen Guest Researcher +4535337864 E-mail
Rikke Buhl Professor +4535332994 E-mail
Sabrina Skov Hansen Assistant Professor +4535331020 E-mail
Sanni Hansen Associate Professor +4535332860 E-mail
Simon Libak Haugaard PhD Fellow +4535330875 E-mail
Slaine Chaimbeul PhD Fellow +4535331775 E-mail
Stine Jacobsen Professor +4535332620 E-mail
Tina Holberg Pihl Associate Professor +4535333608 E-mail
Tina Roust Laboratory Technician +4535332835 E-mail


Head of Section:
Professor MSO Rikke Buhl
Phone: +45 353-32994

Foto af Rikke Buhl

Højbakkegård Allé 5
Building 8-64
DK-2630 Taastrup

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