10. juni 2024

Exciting afternoon about how to use generative AI in your research

Friday June 7 researchers from the two veterinary departments participated in an inspiring workshop about how to use (and not to use) generative AI in research. Post doc Mushtaq Bilal from SDU gave a three-hour interactive presentation where we learned about the many tools we have access to as researchers. Tools such as Research rabbit, ResearchKick, Scite, ChatGPT, Copilot, JStor, EvidenceHunt, Consensus.app was introduced to us, and we learned the differences between the various engines.

Mushtaq shared some of his ground rules with us including: 

  1. We don’t want to outsource our thinking only the labor to AI
  2. Use AI as your research assistant and not your supervisor
  3. Use AI to create structure but not content


  1. Over-rely on AI and don’t forget to use common sense – LLM sometimes hallucinate
  2. Ask for scientific papers (unless you use dedicated search engines)

Overall, it was a fun afternoon with colleagues. After the workshop, we enjoyed a glass of wine and a sandwich together, wishing each other a good weekend.